Images from the life of Fr. Nicola

Funeral of St. Raphael of Brooklyn, March 7th, 1915, at which Fr. Nicola was present (probably the 2nd priest from the left)
Wedding of E.K. Yanney and Mary Abraham in 1916
Fr. Nicola with his sons, E.K., George, Mose circa 1910
Funeral service of the Rev. Fr. Nicola Yanney, Nov. 4th, 1918
Fr. Nicola & Sam Shada in front of the original church building in 1907
St. George Parish with Metropolitan Germanos Shehadi circa 1918
Fr. Nicola, wearing vestments given to him by St. Nicholas II, the last Czar of Russia
Fr. Nicola's signature
Nicola and Martha Yanney with their children, E.K., George, Mose, Anna circa 1902