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Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese
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A Prayer to Our Lord Jesus Christ
from A Supplicatory Canon to Our Lord Jesus Christ:
A Poem by Theoctistus, a monk of Studium

O Master Christ God, Who by Thy Passion hast healed my passions, and by Thy wounds hast healed my wounds: do Thou grant tears of compunction unto me who have greatly offended; do Thou temper my body with the fragrance of Thy life-creating Body, and sweeten my soul with Thy precious Blood, taking away the bitterness which the contending adversary hath made me to drink. Lift my mind up unto Thee, since it hath been drawn down below, and lead me up from the pit of destruction; for I have not repentance, I have not compunction, I have not a tear of supplication as children which shall lead me up unto mine own inheritance. I have been darkened in mind by the passions of life and I am not able to look up unto Thee in my travail; I cannot rouse myself to fervor with tears of love for Thee. But, O Master, Lord Jesus Christ, Thou Treasury of good things, grant complete repentance unto me, and a suffering heart that shall seek Thee out. Grant Thy grace unto me and renew in me the likenesses of Thine image. I have abandoned Thee; do Thou not abandon me. Come Thou forth and seek me out, lead me forth into Thy pasture, number me together with the sheep of Thine elect flock, and nourish me together with them on the verdure of Thy divine Mysteries, by the intercessions of Thine all-pure Mother and of all Thy Saints. Amen.